Umtapo Centre

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UMTAPO is a non-profit development organisation whose mission is to engage in education, training, community mobilisation, and networking in order to empower people, particularly youth, to take control of their own lives in the struggle for sustainable development, peace, and human rights.

UMTAPO was established in 1986 in response to the rise of internecine violence within the black community and the resultant division and intolerance that reared its ugly head and was soon to become a way of life amongst the oppressed people of the country.

With its slogan Free the Mind Free the Land, UMTAPO embarked on an intensive education and critical awareness-raising drive through youth and women's leadership training programmes, literacy and adult education, and information dissemination using publications and public forums for critical discourse.


UMTAPO is registered as a non profit organisation (NPO)
with the Department of Social Development
NPO 024 -294

UMTAPO is also registered as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO)
PBO 930027158

UMTAPO sees itself as a liberatory organisation engaged in the process of TRANSFORMATION, EMPOWERMENT, and SOCIAL ACTIVISM

UMTAPO works largely with marginalised and disadvantaged communities and pays particular attention to the empowerment of youth and women. As part of the activist nature of the organisation, PEACE CLUBS have been established in secondary schools around the country, CHILDREN'S PEACE & EMPOWERMENT FORUMS in primary schools, TERTIARY PEACE FORUMS at universities, and currently, UBUNTU COMMUNITY FORUMS, consisting of community stakeholders, the elders, children and young people, are being set up in communities.